About iMaQ

MaQ Publishing Corporation is an independent, private limited multinational scientific publishing network established in 2015. iMaQ is aimed to focus on the innovations in digital publishing to resolve publishing issues and problems for academic, scientific and clinical institutes and researchers all over the world. We are specialized in the publication and management of open access peer-reviewed scientific journals in pure and applied sciences, medical and clinical sciences, humanities and social sciences. iMaQ is developing state-of-the-art scientific manuscripts management system to explore the potential of young scientists in scientific manuscripts management for global visibility and improved citations (impact factor).

We are working with international partners to maintain the highest professional standards in publishing and practicing a technology based transparent and ethical business. Our team of young researchers is dedicated to solve institutional problems in publishing and to take them to the highest quality. We believe a quality publisher keeps the science focused and results oriented.

iMaQ Publishing Corporation is divided into following sections dealing the professionalism and managed by an expert:

  • Administration Section
  • R&D Section
  • IT/Web Section
  • Educational Section
  • Publishing Consultancy Section
  • eJournals Launching Section
  • eJournals Management Section A: Medical/Clinical Sciences
  • eJournals Management Section B: Pure/Applied Sciences
  • eJournals Management Section C: Humanities/Social Sciences

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