Article Processing Charges or APCs

Article Processing Charges : A Practice to Keep Science Open Access

We see research and scientific organizations working day and night to obtain rigorous results in order to provide incentives to their research fellows and the involved task force or supportive staff. In the research publishing phase, it becomes twice times important to get yourself sponsors or a good deal of income from different ways to […]

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Tips to Improve your Academic Writing Skills

Academic writing as a skill is considered an engaging addition in your skillset. The demand of academic writers has gradually increased in the previous years, and for being categorized as one, you should be skilled and known to the techniques and rules needed for academic writing.

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Academic and Scientific Journals: Definition and Review

The art of journaling is a trending one with different types making their way to the limelight each day. From a list of diverse types of journals, two prominent ones are academic journals and scientific journals. They made their way to the trend of journaling and since then, we see them ruling the charts. Here […]

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Top Scientific Journals Publishing Research Work on COVID-19

COVID-19 took over the world with a sudden outbreak of a deadly virus which soon became a curse to humanity. From putting  people locked into their homes for an infinite period to enforce social distancing in the world, Corona virus or COVID-19 changed the world dynamics. With its rising statistics and constant increase in death […]

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