Rise in Novel Technologies

Rise in Novel Technologies amidst Covid-19

2020 was entirely new for the GEN Z. The sudden uncalled occurrence of a deadly pandemic, and the resulting crisis due to the pandemic resulted in a situation which required preventive and smart measures to keep the basic life of world on track. In those circumstances, what helped the world leaders and organizations to maintain […]

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Top Scientific Journals Publishing Research Work on COVID-19

COVID-19 took over the world with a sudden outbreak of a deadly virus which soon became a curse to humanity. From putting  people locked into their homes for an infinite period to enforce social distancing in the world, Corona virus or COVID-19 changed the world dynamics. With its rising statistics and constant increase in death […]

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Current status of Corona Virus COVID-19 in Canada-Latest news 2021

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease which is caused by a discovered coronavirus. Canada with having 635,134 Covid19 cases (statistics on January 7, 2021) is 24th country at the top of worldwide Covid19 confirmed cases statistics chart. Read the full report on current status of Corona Virus COVID-19 in Canada-Latest news 2021 in this post.

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