Recommendations on Iron Intake or Iron Supplementation for Women

Iron is a vital mineral necessary to sustain life as formation of red blood cells and transportation of oxygen both dependent on the availability of iron. Lack in daily iron supplementation or intake can cause the anemia leading to death. As per WHO, it has been reported that daily iron supplementation can reduce the risk […]

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Its Applications in Daily Life

Ever since the world has transformed itself to a technology hub, we have witnessed a few revolutions such as Augmented Reality and artificial intelligence etc who came and conquered the basics of human life and entirely changed the framework of how this world works.

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earth in danger

Is earth in danger? How can we save it?

We all are living in 21st century and now we all want to make our live cozy and comfortable by hook or by crook. Now question is why we do always work to make our life comfortable? Is there only human specie on earth? We all know that there is million, billion species in earth, […]

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