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Vol. (7), Issue (1), March 2021

  1. SH Sami, SA Ebrahimi, AM Arefpour, M Mirkazemi, A Izanloo (2021). A Case Report of Peroneal Artery Aneurysm with Soft Tissue Tumor Presentation. Cancer Press 7(1):00-00             
  2. Z Feroz (2021). Cancer Statistics in Pakistan 2021 and Status of Cancer Mortality Rate. Cancer Press 7 (1):00-00
  3. S Nikkhah (2021). Investigating the Co-relationship Between Black Tea Consumption and Incidence of Prostate Cancer. Cancer Press 7(1): 16-20
  4. A Izanloo, A Gholipour, Z Behrooznia, SA Shariat Razav, M Ahmadi  et al., (2021). Frequency of Pre-neoplastic Lesions and Gastric Cancer Among 11543 Patients from a Pathology Clinical Center between 2012 and 2016 in Iran. Cancer Press 7(1): 9-15
  5. M Jahani (2021). Art as a Hope of Life: Role of Art Therapy in Cancer Management. Cancer Press 7(1): 5-8
  6. M Irfan-maqsood (2021). First Five Years of Publishing the Multidisciplinary Cancer Science at Cancer Press Journal. Cancer Press 7(1): 1-5

Vol. (6), Issue (4), March 2020

  1. N Khosravi, M Mirkazemi, S Saberi, SA Ebrahimi, M Saghi, A Izanloo (2020). Diagnostic Imaging Modalities for Skeletal Metastasis in Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Cancer Press 6(1): 1-7 
  2. H Khoshbakht Ahmadi (2020): A case report of Synovial Sarcoma of the Esophagus. Cancer Press 6(1): 8-16

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Cancer Press Journal (ISSN: 2476-3748) is a multidisciplinary Canadian journal for publishing the impact of cancer on society with special focus on role of social sciences and education.