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iMaQ Journals

Journal of Genes and Cells

Journal of Genes and Cells (ISSN: 2410-6887) is the official journal of Pakistan Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (PSGCT) to discuss issues in gene and cell therapeutic research and is being managed and published by iMaQ Publishing Group (iMaQPress).

The Cancer Press

The Cancer Press (ISSN: 2476-3748), is an international multidisciplinary cancer journal of Nastaran Center for Cancer Prevention (NCCP), Mashhad, Iran, which is being managed and published quarterly by iMaQ Publishing Group (iMaQPress).

eBiology: Biological Sciences Journal

eBiology: A LifeSciences Journal

eBiology (ISSN: 0000-0000) is an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary life sciences and biological research journal publishing cutting edge applied research.

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iMaQ PODs (Point of Differences) in Academic Publishing

iMaQPress Manage Academic Publishing in Three Following Phases

1. Pre-publishing Phase
What to Publish? Where to Publish? and How to Publish?
2. Publishing Phase
Formating the Articles in a Unique way and Publishing it in PDF/HTML/XML formats
3. Post Publishing Phase
Indexing the articles, distributing for global visibility and enhancing interactions and discussion.

iMaQ Press ?

iMaQPress is the system of highly advanced technologies empowered by ScienceUp(TM) and being managed by the young experts to give your scientific journals, a new recognition.
Top 10 Academic Publisher of the World in 2025
Unique, Innovative and Multinational
Global Visibility of Your Scientific Articles

About iMaQ

Who We Are?

iMaQ in Brief

iMaQ Press is a developing journal publishing and management system being managed by an award winning team on academic publishing. A dedicated team of young academic researchers is waiting to receive your scientific articles so that we can show your scientific words to the whole world.

We believe in:

  • Quality Articles Production
  • Global Visibility and Improved Citations
  • Enhancement of Academic Writing Skills

Your published articles with iMaQ will speak our words of differences with others.