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IMAQPRESS Scientific Journals (Open Access)

Journal of Genes and Cells

Journal of Genes and Cells
ISSN: 2410-6887

A Canadian journal publishing biological research focusing on the applications of genes and cells based therapies and biotechnological development.

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cancer press blank final size

Cancer Press Journal
ISSN: 2476-3748

A multidisciplinary Canadian journal for publishing the impact of cancer on society with special focus on role of social sciences and education.

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IMAQ Journal Cover

IMAQ Journal
ISSN: 0000-0000

IMAQ Journal is upcoming Canadian journal for multidisciplinary and quantitative research focusing on the publishing of scientific reports instead of publishing just basic research.

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Scientific publishing represents the technological advancement of a society as it indicates the interaction of scientists living in that society. Suppose, if about ten thousand (10,000+) scientist’s articles are being published from a society of 1 million, it indicates that 1% members of the society are learnt scientists.

As per Journals Citations Report (JCR) of WoS, 122 Canadian journals have been reported in JCR with highest impact factor of 7 and there is only one journal in JCR from Manitoba province ‘ARS COMBINATORIA’ with 0.2 impact factor whereas the highest impact factor in the world is 298 by ‘CA – Cancer Journal’.

There are only about 2000 scientific articles were published in 2020 by Manitoban Universities (1040 by UoM, 992 by UoW, 37 by BU and 10+ by all other universities in Manitoba as per reported by ScienceDirect.

IMAQPRESS Inc. is aimed to double the scientific potential of Manitoban academic and research ecosystem within coming 3 years and introducing the Manitoban as well as Canadian achievements to the world.

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Muhammad Irfan-maqsood

Dr. Muhammad Irfan-maqsood

Biography of Irfan-maqsood

A Sciencepreneur and Academic Consultant having PhD in Biotechnology, MSc (Biotechnology) and MA (Political Sciences). Mr. Irfan-maqsood is having a decade of experience of providing personalized consultancy services to academ

  1. 2017-2019

    PostDoc (Scientific Contents Management)

    MashreghQazal & Isfahan Science and Technology Town
  2. 01-2017

    Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran
  3. 2011-2016

    Ph.D. (Cell/Mol. Biology)

    Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
  4. 2009-2011

    M.A. (Political Science)

    University of the Punjab
  5. 2006-2009

    M.Sc. (Mol. Biotechnology)

    University of Lahore
  6. 2003-2006

    B.Sc. (Bio/Chem)

    University of the Punjab
  7. 2002-2003

    Diploma in Computer Sciences

    Iftikhar Institute, Lahore
Monireh Bahrami

Dr. Monireh Bahrami

Admin Officer

Call: +98(915)3358942

Email: monireh@imaqpress.com

Mohsen Karimi

Mohsen Karimi

Team Coordinator

Call: +98(938) 158 4871

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Hooman Kazemi

Hooman Kazemi

Content Editor

Call: +98(935)4977398

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Mehrdad Nourbakhsh

Mehrdad Nourbakhsh

IT Manager

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