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Journal of Genes and Cells

Journal of Genes and Cells
ISSN: 2410-6887

A Canadian journal publishing biological research focusing on the applications of genes and cells based therapies and biotechnological development.

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Cancer Press Journal

Cancer Press Journal
ISSN: 2476-3748

A multidisciplinary Canadian journal for publishing the impact of cancer on society with special focus on role of social sciences and education.

Journal Homepage
Academic Insight

Academic insight
ISSN: 2816-5764

An international magazine publishing educational resources, news, updates, events, awards, personalities & achievements of Canadian academia.

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Scientific writing / editing is one of the three basic pillars of an academic career along with the teaching/education and doing research/lab work. If you want to have an impactful career in Academia or research industry, it is impossible to have it without being skilled enough in scientific writing, editing and publishing.

Scientific writing / editing is a multidisciplinary career of integrative skills and knowledge.
Simplifying the Scientific Writing as a part of Learn the Basics! Book series of IMAQPRESS is all-in-one collection of knowledge and tips to step into the scientific writing and editing career.

Other Books by IMAQPRESS (Academic & Fiction)

maga - the untold legend - ebook

MAGA - The Untold Legend
ISBN: 978-1-7779034-0-4

MAGA - The Untold Legend (of ancient world) is a fictional story of the MAGA who founded the Magan Civilization in East and ruled over 90% humanity during the ancient times except the <10% of Mayan Civilization which was established by MAYA, his twin sister. Both landed on earth from 'Zindia – The Planet of Eternals' to establish a ruling system.

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useful tips for scientific writing book

Simplifying the Scientific Writing
ISBN: 978-1-7779034-1-1

Simplifying the Scientific Writing is a comprehensive explanation of scientific contents, their types and scientific publishing process so that a student or early career researcher can understand what scientific papers are and what are their types, how these should be written, what are their important components or segments and how to publish them.

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50 Scientific Facts & Myths

50 Scientific Facts & Myths
ISBN: 978-1-7779034-3-5

Scientific Facts and Myths are several set of conflicts where people have described the scientific facts in wrong way and it has created many convincing myths that science has failed in this but in reality, they are documented in wrong ways. In this book, we have described 50 top popular set of scientific facts and myths related to Animals, Astronomy, Basic and Applied Science, Medicine, Nature, and Technology.

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Science Insight Academy (Free Online Learning)

Types of Scientific Papers
Type of Scientific Papers - Science Insight Series on Paper Writing Skills

Courses on Science insight

  1. Science Blogging & Research News Writing
  2. Publishing/Managing Science Blogs
  3. Writing/Editing Scientific Papers
  4. Editing/Publishing Electronic Books
  5. Animal Cells & Tissue Culturing
  6. Techniques in Molecular/Cell Biology
  7. Commercialization of Bio/Medical Technologies
  8. Advances in Cell and Gene Therapies
  9. Bioinformatics, Genetics & Genomics
  10. Start-up Building (Idea to MVP)
  11. Careers in Science & Technology Disciplines


Scientific publishing represents the technological advancement of a society as it indicates the interaction of scientists living in that society. Suppose, if about ten thousand (10,000+) scientist’s articles are being published from a society of 1 million, it indicates that 1% members of the society are learnt scientists.

IMAQPRESS Inc. (Registry No: 10066283 and CRA Business No: 724846878) is a scientific content management, research support services, periodicals publishing and organizational networking corporation based in Winnipeg MB, Canada.

We are publishing and managing innovative scientific contents, developing innovative web-tools and novel scientific content management system (sCMS) to globalize the authentic science.

Consider IMAQPRESS as your content manager, brand manager of your research group/lab, publisher of your scientific e-magazine and professional consultant for your scholarly journal to raise science together.

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Dr. M. Irfan-maqsood, Ph.D.

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