Highly Cited by IMAQPRESS

IMAQPRESS Journals have published several Highly Cited articles as citations tell us how valuable a scientific journal or paper is.

Published science has becoming confusing due to several controversial conclusions as the science is becoming crowded day by day due to the millions of research papers being published every year.

Scientific citations are keys to evaluate the authentic science and help to differentiate between confusing and real science. IMAQPRESS journals have a rigorous peer-review editorial process including the editorial reviews and the evaluation of scholarly publications by well known scientists around the world to maintain quality and authenticity of science.

Top Ten Highly Cited Articles of IMAQPRESS Journals

Scientific citations background

  1. R Amirkhah, H Naderi-Meshkin, M Mirahmadi, A Allahyari, HR Sharifi (2017). Cancer statistics in Iran: Towards finding priority for prevention and treatment. Cancer Press 3(2): 27-38 – Cited by 30

  2. M Mirahmadi, H Rezanejadbardaji, M Irfan-Maqsood, M Javad Mokhtari (2017). Stem Cell Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Strategies for Regeneration against Degeneration. Journal of Genes and Cells 3 (1): 22-38 – Cited by 12

  3. M Aslamkhan (2015). Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counselling in Pakistan. Journal of Genes and Cells 1(2): 31-33 – Cited by 8

  4. A Heirani-Tabasi, M Hassanzadeh, S Hemmati-Sadeghi, M Shahriyari et al., Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Defining the Future of Regenerative Medicine. Journal of Genes and Cells 1 (2): 34-39 – Cited by 8

  5. M Irfan-maqsood, H Naderi-Meshkin, R Amirkhah, A Heirani-Tabasi (2018). Critical Issues in Successful Production of Skin Substitutes for Wound Healing. Journal of Genes and Cells 4: 10-32 – Cited by 5

  6. E Navaeian-kalat, M Jalali, Z Fathi (2015). Treating Infertility in IVF Clinics: Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cells. Journal of Genes and Cells 1(1): 22-28 – Cited by 5

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  10. S Sharafi (2016). The Effect of Music Therapy on Psychological Signs and Pain in Women with Breast Cancer. Cancer Press 2(4): 59-63 – Cited by 3