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The Scientific Journals and Articles Section is managing the scientific papers being published by the iMAQPRESS journals or by iMAQPRESS team members for their global visibility and improved citations. This section is using a comprehensive content management strategies as a part of its publishing process. Here please find all the articles being published by iMAQPRESS journals on yearly basis iMAQPRESS is managing.

Role of Organ Specific Cancer Stem Cells in Organ Specific Cancer Progression Cancer Stem Cells, Cancer Progression, Cancer biology, stem cells, cancer therapeutics Journal of Genes and CellsFull Text

Applications of Stem Cells in Cancer Therapy: A Literature Based Studies Stem Cells, Applications of Stem Cells, Cancer Progression, Stem Cell therapy, Cancer Therapy Journal of Genes and CellsFull Text

LncRNAs: Key Regulatory Players in the Genomics Black Holes LncRNAs, Genomic black holes, Cellular mechanisms, Disease pathology, Cell differentiation, Bioinformatics Journal of Genes and CellsFull Text

Anticancer and antioxidant effects of red cabbage on three cancerous cell lines and comparison with a normal cell line (HFF-3) Red cabbage, anticancer, antioxidant properties, polyphenol, cytotoxic activity Journal of Genes and CellsFull Text

Development of an Innovative and Integrated Scientific Content Management System (sCMS) Scientific Contents