IMAQ Journal – Canadian Journal for Multidisciplinary and Quantitative Research

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Vol. (2021), Issue 1, March February 2021

Role of Organ Specific Cancer Stem Cells in Organ Specific Cancer Progression

Muhammad Ali, Fatima Ali, Nadia Wajid

Applications of Stem Cells in Cancer Therapy: A Literature Based Studies

Sara Javed, Fatima Ali, Nadia Wajid

LncRNAs: Key Regulatory Players in the Genomics Black Holes

Monireh Bahrami

Disciplines & Sub-disciplines of IMAQ Journal

Physical sciences discipline includes all the sub-disciplines related to the studies of non-living things such as Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Earth Science. In general, it includes all the sub-disciplines of natural sciences except the life sciences or agri./veterinary sciences as Physical sciences are group of all non-biological studies.

Interdisciplinary Sciences discipline is the section having all kind of articles having conclusion drawn from several fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics and their correlations on natural sciences like biology, physics, chemistry etc. Interdisciplinary articles are results of big projects designed across boundaries.

iMAQ Journal

ISSN: 0000-0000

Editor: Irfan-maqsood

Frequency: Bi-monthly

iMAQ Journal (ISSN: 0000-0000) is a Canadian journal for a unique science work in Pure and multi-disciplinary sciences. iMAQ Journal is aimed to publish the science which is need of general public in life/medical science, physical science, agriculture/veterinary science and interdisciplinary science.

Types of Scientific Articles

IMAQ Journal is aimed to publish your Hypothesis or Scientific Ideas, Scientific Opinions, Perspectives, Letters, Original Articles, Short Scientific Reports, Technology Development Reports, Meeting/Organizational Reports, Reviews/Mini-reviews/Commentaries, Statistical/Epidemiological Reports, Clinical/Technological Case Reports, Policy Development or Implementation Reports.