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    Content Management includes Writing-Editing-Publishing services which is an important skills for students, graduates and early-career researcher. Science Insight Series by IMAQPRESS is a series of free online educational program to discuss the useful tips in content management.

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Scientific Writing

Writing is the most important step in scientific discipline as at this phase you have different scientific knowledge.

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Professional Editing

Editing is a process of rigorous checking and improving the written content step which is one of the most important phase of learning for a student adopting research career.

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Publishing & Visibility

Publishing and post-publishing process is the last step in research management for global visibility of innovative conclusions.

Writing-Editing-Publishing Services

Writing research news and stories is an important part of science puzzle as it is the only way of spreading knowledge to the general public to connect society with science. It is also a way of global visibility for your published research because research news and stories create social engagement and reach the global audience. Research news are not like the abstracts you published with your research but it’s the correlated conclusions of your research well-written in simple language. It can have attractive title unlike the research papers and also it can have non-referenced text for making research interesting to be read. Research news should have a text of minimum 500 words with or without references but most importantly, these texts should have trending keywords in title and body to breakout on the internet and should be published on research news blog after you publish your research. Stay with us for more on our science insight series.

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