Research & Publishing Support Services by iMAQPRESS Inc.

iMAQPRESS Inc. is Winnipeg MB Based Start-up for Scientific Content Management, Research Support Services, Periodicals Publishing and Organizational Networking

iMAQPRESS inc. has been established to serve the Winnipeg and Manitoban community with highest quality of research support services at cheaper rates to enhance the scientific outputs of Manitoba. Considering the significance of scientific research outputs in a community, iMAQPRESS is aimed to change the status of scientific research and its citations as in the Journals Citations Report (JCR) of WoS, 122 Canadian journals have been reported with highest impact factor of 7 and there is only one journal in JCR from Manitoba province entitled ‘ARS COMBINATORIA’ with 0.2 impact factor and as per statistics of, about 2000 scientific articles were published in 2020 by Manitoban Universities (1040 by UoM, 992 by UoW, 37 by BU and 10+ by all other universities in Manitoba. These statistics indicate that iMAQPRESS is the necessity of time and region to assist the academic institutes and research centers to consider the professional services for your ongoing research as iMAQPRESS is composed of dedicated scientific researchers having PhDs from reputed universities and 1000+ citations for their 300+ scientific articles in research portfolio. Our scientific advisor team is composed of 100s of active young researchers working in the leading universities and research organization of four continents.

Research Support Services

Highly professional team of iMAQPRESS is here to assist you in your scientific research management

Scientific Journals

iMAQPRESS inc. is publishing and managing Journal of Genes and Cells, Cancer Press and iMAQ Journal

iNSIGHT Magazines

iNSIGHT magazines at iMAQPRESS inc. are to provide you in-depth information of specific topics

Science for All

Science for All is a marvelous project of iMAQPRESS to transform real-time Science in simple words

Services by iMAQPRESS Inc.

  1. Scientific Content Management
  2. Scientific Journals Consultancy
  3. Journals/Articles Publishing Partnership
  4. Organizing Events on Academic Writings
  5. Scientific Proposals/Projects Writing/Scientific and Technological Grants
  6. Internet Magazines Publishing and Content Production
  7. Global Visibility of Scientific Content / Improved Citations of Researchers and Institutes
  8. International Research Collaborations
  9. International Students/Researchers Recruitments
  10. Technology Development and Commercialization
  11. Organizational Networking Meetings
  12. Setting up Centers/Institutes/Groups
  13. Engaging the Students/Researchers in Journal Clubs Activities for Scientific Production
  14. Brand Development of Research Centers/Institutes, Groups & Individuals
  15. Services to Innovation/Entrepreneurship and Technology Development Centers

Global Visibility and Improved Citations

iMAQPress is a start-up project to manage and Publish the scientific contents for the purpose of enhanced research output, organizational networking and bring closer the researchers for international collaboration from all over the world.

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