Academic Insight – An International Magazine of Canadian Academic Ecosystem

Table of Contents (Vol. 1; Jan-2023)

  1. Academic insight and a Brief introduction of Canadian academic ecosystem

  2. Phil De Luna – The Youngest CarbonTech Canadian Innovator & Academic Insight Start

  3. Covid-19 Pandemic & the Role Played by the Canadian Academic Ecosystem

  4. Insulin – A Canadian Discovery in 1922 by Frederick Banting, Charles Best & James Collip

  5. Youth Science Canada – An Organization Empowering the Youth for STEM Research

  6. Canada Foundation for Innovation: An NGO Investing on Canada’s Bright Minds

  7. Brandon University – A University Located in the Center of North America

  8. Spirit of the Winnipeg Awards by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

  9. North Forge Technology Exchange: A Gateway of Successful Innovation in Manitoba

Latest on Academic Insight Blog

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at Trinity Western University – October 2020

The School of Nursing at Trinity Western University is accepting applications for a postdoctoral fellow to join our Implementation of Patient-Centered Measurement (PCM)/Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) Project team at TWU.
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Exploration in Cancer Omics resulted in a big win for McGill teams

McGill University researcher working on the Exploration in Cancer achieved $1.5 million in funding having four of five research grants in the first-ever Cancer Omics competition for their projects in artificial intelligence, genomics and cancer.
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Top 10 Innovations by Canadians that Interests You!

What do you know about the history of inventing things around the world? Aren’t you interested about it? Here were are talking about top 10 innovation in Canada. 1.Canadarm(Shuttle remote manipulator system) Imagine you are flying around the earth in a space shuttle. Outside your porthole something strange is shining ...
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Possibilities of Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Gearing up for studies abroad means leaving your luxurious life and family bonds behind. Starting from scratch in an entirely new country is no easy but necessary to earn a good amount for your daily expenditure and to meet needs in a developed country.
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Top 10 Universities in Canada for Foreign Students

Studying at the best Canadian universities gives international students the opportunity to have excellent educational services. The cost of studying in Canada is relatively lower than in other developed countries such as the United States. These days numbers of students all around the world are looking for best universities in ...
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What are the Best Universities to Study Computer Science in Canada?

Computer science is one of the most popular fields of study all around the world. today, technology is constantly evolving and changing, so there is a serious need for computer science specialists to improve the use of systems by being creative and creating new methods. Studying the Computer Science in ...
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Studying Data Science in Canada: A Complete Guide

Data science encompasses a set of principles, problem definitions, algorithms, and processes for extracting non-obvious and useful patterns from large datasets. It is closely related to the fields of data mining and machine learning, but broader in scope. Studying Data Science in Canada is a great choice especially for international ...
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Top 5 Affordable Countries to Study in Europe

Study in Europe vary from country to country. A wide range of diverse institutions with multiple disciplines to opt from welcomes you when you think of studying in Europe.
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How Students Can Get Permanent Residence after Graduation in Canada?

Settling in Canada via educational programs and after Graduation in Canada is a rising trend among immigrants around the world. Hundreds of thousands around the world, join Canadian University so that one day they can get a permanent residence ship there.
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Top Universities to Study Medicine in Canada for International Students

Canadian medical universities are very popular in medicine field even for international students around the world. They teach students at very high levels in addition to having most advanced research centers. Choosing  the proper university to study medicine in Canada can be a complicated process for applicants. Here we try ...
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