Technology Development Reports (TDRs): Scientific Papers for Start Ups and Innovation Corporations

Technology Development Reports (TDRs)

Technology Development Reports (TDRs): Scientific Papers for Start Ups and Innovation Corporations

Scientific papers are not just research or review papers and is not a job related to researchers or academic faculty members. There is an interesting type of scientific papers known as Technology Development Reports.

Technology Development Reports are comprehensive and mechanistic explanation of how a technology is developed in academics and applied in industry. This is the best category indicating the applied research happening in the technology zones around the world.

Technological development is the phenomena of transformation of a scientific knowledge into an applicable process which can solve a part of human problems.

Technological development and its commercialization process is all what is required by the industry to develop a usable product.

Technological Development Reports or TDRs are the step-by-step explanation of the overall process to setup the series of events involve in the development of a technology from its invention to diffusion in the society or respective industry.

Why a Technology Development Report Should Be Written?

Transformation of science into a product or service is the best way of serving the society and humanity. Because commercialization of these technological products makes life better and brings wealth in community. This developed technology is patented usually before commercialization and can be explained well in technology development report describing all aspects not mentioned in patent file so that readers can have a broader vision and understanding on the developed technology.

Who Should Write a Technology Development Report?

Technology development report is an important scientific paper explaining the integrity of scientific, industrial and management disciplines. The authors of these reports are extraordinary talented in their field and could be the one or more of the following;

  1. Applied Researcher or Principle Investigator
  2. Technologist or Technology Developer
  3. Start-up Founder or Co-founder
  4. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  5. Commercialization Expert of Technology Departments
  6. Government Employees working in Science and Technology Divisions

Components of Technology Development Reports (TDRs):

A technology development report is a mechanistic explanation of a technology developmental process explaining how a technology is developed in academic and applied in industry.

A technology report should have following important components.

  1. Introduction: (What technology is being development)
  2. Historical Background: What are the roots of current technology
  3. Invention & Innovation (Patent Reference etc) – (Why it is different):
  4. Feasibility (Economic, Operation or Scheduled): should mention the inputs and outputs of every section
  5. Models (Current & Past): List the brands or models using the current technology or commercialized based on the current technology.
  6. Significance (Why it has been developed): statistics and figures on the producers and consumers
  7. Perspective (What it will be in near future):
  8. Developer’s Comment or Message:


Writing scientific papers and publishing science is the common research practice by researchers and a post-graduate academic researcher is doing the same job throughout his life. The recent era can be called the era of techno-entrepreneurship or Sciencepreneurship as the scientists and technologists are becoming entrepreneurs and they are ignoring the essence of common research practices. Technology development reports are the scientific papers of technoprenuers and Sciencepreneurs explaining the details of their services or products in scientific way.

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