Writing a Good Scientific Paper: Salient Features and Comparative example

Good Scientific Paper

Writing a Good Scientific Paper: Salient Features and Comparative example

Writing a Scientific paper helps you to understand how science works, and a Good scientific paper helps the people to understand what real science is, so to create a mutual harmony and to connect the society with science, you have to focus on writing good scientific papers.

Writing a good scientific paper which has been cited for more than 100 times minimum in its first five years of publication tells you how impactful researchers are you creating difference in scientific communities.

Your good scientific papers are useful for society as society is investing on you to produce the science for them.

Consider an example of a plant as your research work and a good scientific paper is like a flower on it producing fruits for the society.

A plant without fruit has no value for a society and currently, we are having jungles of useless plants indicating the necessity of good scientific papers.

A good scientific paper should have the following salient features;

Salient Features of a Good Scientific Paper

  1. Unique title and well informative abstract
  2. Combination of multinational authors and contributors from academia and industry
  3. Coherence and cohesion should exist in all headings and paragraphs
  4. Continuous flow of knowledge is must among all sentences
  5. Authentic and well cited references should be used in bibliographic section

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