Top Publishing Houses in Canada

Top Publishing Houses in Canada

Top Publishing Houses in Canada

Canada is a hub to numerous publishing companies known for their high quality services and customer demand. These publishing groups specialize in a particular area and have been making progress throughout.

Read ahead to get insights of some famous Canadian publishing houses.

  • Annick Press Ltd.

Based in Toronto, Annick Press has a reputation for producing high quality books for ages 0-16 that crackle with originality and become a passageway to new ideas. Picture books, juvenile and young adult fiction and non-fiction.

  • Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Scholastic Canada Ltd. Is considered as one of the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. They are highly preferred for their high quality picture books, novels, and non-fiction.

  • Anvil Press

Anvil Press has been operating in Vancouver, Canada since the last twenty sixth year of publishing. Anvil has firmly established itself as a publisher of progressive, contemporary Canadian literature.

  • Morning Rain Publishing

Morning Rain Publishing is a small Burlington based publishing group. It has specialized in publishing short stories, novellas, and novels as eBooks.

  • Nelson Education

Nelson Education, based in Toronto, is a leading educational publisher providing innovative products and solutions for learners of all ages. Nelson values and respects the lifelong learning continuum and dedicates its business efforts to the diverse learning needs of students and educators alike.

  • Harper Collins Canada

Harper Collins has managed to maintain a significance presence worldwide, and it has its branch in Canada as well that has done gradually well in the recent years.

  • Between the Lines

Between the Lines is a specialist publisher of nonfiction books about public policy, social issues, international development, Canadian history, global history, media, and technology.

  • University of Toronto Press

University of Toronto Press (UTP) was founded in 1901. Not only is it Canada’s premier academic publishing house, it is also one of the biggest in North America. Over its time in operation, UTP has published more than 6,500 books. Annually, it publishes around 200 new books.

  • RJ Parker Publishing

Founded by RJ Parker, an experienced literary agent, writer, publicist and publisher, RJ Parker Publishing is a traditional publisher of true crime and crime fiction books, eBooks and audiobooks. RJ Parker offers an attractive royalty rate to the authors it publishes.

If you are an aspiring writer pursuing your dream of publishing your book anywhere in Canada, these publishing groups should be your go to place to get a high quality book under your name published soon.

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