Top Publishing Houses in France – Updated 2021

publishing houses in France

Top Publishing Houses in France – Updated 2021

France is dominant when it comes to the stylistic patterns engraved in rich culture and traditions of art. The French language itself is considered as a tradition in the France. A good amount of people all over the world believe in the supremacy of French literature and call themselves a die-heart fan of the French art.

The traditions of art and literature in France have been kept alive due to the enormous efforts of French publishing houses.

Below is the list compiled of some of the finest French publishing companies you should definitely check out.

  • Editions du Centre Pompidou

Based in Paris, the Centre’s publishing house, the Éditions du Centre Pompidou, has a worldwide reputation for its publications in the field of modern and contemporary art.

  • Naïve Publishing

Naïve is the major independent record company in France. Its book department publishes books about music but with a special feeling, literature, art books, children’s books and audio books.

  • AFNOR Editions

Based in La Plaine Saint-Denis, AFNOR Éditions publishes business books in various fields of management, strategy, quality, risk management, project management, sustainable development and editorial solutions related to French and international standards.

  • Editions Belin

Editions Belin is a publication house printing educational publications in all subjects and for all levels. They are considered specialists in popular science, social sciences, botany, horsemanship. Their titles also include essays, classics, philosophy.

  • UNESCO Publishing

UNESCO Publishing, based in Paris, manages books, periodicals and audiovisual materials on education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, communication and information. CD-ROMs and scientific maps. They also print various genres of books for the young.

  • Hachette Livre

Hachette Livre covers all editorial genres and the entire consumer and education book markets with some forty publishing houses. The fruit of patient, diligent work that began in 1826, today’s group of subsidiaries and imprints is the French market leader and published 6,920 new titles in 2019.

  • Crowdbooks Publishing

Crowdbooks carries the power of crowd-funding with a passionate community of artists to create a revolutionary new platform for Photo/ Art books.

  • Rageot Editeur

Rageot Editeur publishes fiction written mostly by contemporary French authors for children and young adults. Their ambition is to accompany young readers over time and offer them texts that develop their personality, tastes in literature and understanding of the world.

The publishing market in France has been an asset to its traditional era, and this ethic makes them unique and appealing to the readers worldwide.


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