Writing Scientific Meeting or Conference Reports to Summarize the Scientific Activities

scientific meeting or conference reports

Writing Scientific Meeting or Conference Reports to Summarize the Scientific Activities

Meeting or Conference Reports are another type of interesting scientific papers which only require our attention and intelligence about a specific discipline. Writing scientific meeting/conference reports can have a potential of receiving thousands of citations as these are the extract of hundreds of research groups having valuable information.

Scientific meetings and conferences are integral part of research ecosystem where the researchers present their promising results. Every institute or research lab is doing the research with a different vision and perspective but these scientific meetings and conferences are magnets to attract all these researches to create a new dimension.

Panel discussions of almost every meeting/conference help to reach a common point of view of doing research in a better way.


 Significance and Components of Writing Scientific Meeting or Conference Reports

Reports are always informative and help decision making groups to develop suitable policies. Scientific meetings/conferences are vital components of research ecosystems where thousands of same discipline researchers gather and present their latest findings.

Writing a report on a scientific meeting/conference is to summarize these findings and making a strong critical analysis which will help the community to create a new dimension in research and other researchers also will get to know what is happening around them.

A Scientific Meeting/Conference Report is a critical analysis based on the hundreds of presented research in an annual meeting of a scientific society or reputable national/international conference. A Scientific Meeting/Conference Report should have following important components…

  1. Introduction
  2. Geographical Significance of Research
  3. Sections of Scientific Meetings/Conference
  4. Critical Analysis of Presented Research
  5. Conclusion

 Requirements of Writing and Publishing the Scientific Meeting or Conference Reports

Writing a scientific meeting/conference report is as simple as to understand the rain but all it needs is attention and smartness to do critical analysis and making conclusions.

Suppose hundreds of researchers are presenting their research findings which are not related to each other but all having same purpose indicating that research is not moving in the right direction. So skills of making conclusions and defining dimensions is necessary to write a meeting/conference report.

Publishing the scientific meeting/conference report is the last task after making a strong conclusion from the discussions and presentations in a meeting/conference.

After drafting the meeting/conference report, submit it to the relevant scientific society journal, national journal or journals publishing commentaries. List of speakers can also be studied as one of these speakers could be the editor of a scholarly journal and will have interest to publish the report.

Writing a scientific meeting/conference report having interesting and trending conclusion can help the science journals, news media groups and young researchers to understand what is happening in the relevant research field. These reports can also act as catalyst for industrial cooperation because business expert may have low understanding of science but they are expert of analytical conclusions.

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