Top Publishing Houses in India – Updated 2021

Publishing Houses in India

Top Publishing Houses in India – Updated 2021

In India, the publishing sector is greatly influenced by the international publishing companies due to their worldwide presence. Many medium and small publishing houses are working in the Indian marketing with having specialization in a particular area.

The publishers not only involve in planning, editing, acquisition, but they join in copy editing, copyrighting, designing, art directing, production managing, distributing, selling and promoting.

Read below to check out some of the most prominent publishing houses in India.

  • National Book Trust, India

National Book Trust India is a renowned book publisher which was established in 1957, by the Government of India. This house is considered as a Delhi-based publishing house. National Book Trust publishes books in 18 languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Konkani, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Urdu, and Oriya language.

  • Random House India

Random House India was established in 2013, and now is one of the leading brands in the Indian Market. This company is popular worldwide with a good impact on the reader’s mind. They publish books in different sectors like Lifestyle, Biography & Memoir, Classics, Fiction & Poetry, Cooking & Food, Family & Home, Health & Wellness, Romance, Thriller & Mystery, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Spirituality & Religion.

  • MacMillan India, Ltd

Standing as one of the leading publishing houses with an experience of more than 120 years, MacMillan India Ltd. Was founded in 1843 by Daniel and Alexandar Macmillan. It is also a word-leader high ranked publisher. They mainly publish books for high school and undergraduate students.

  • Penguin Books India:

Established in 1985, Penguin Books is the largest English language trade cum publisher in this country. Penguin Books India ranked as the topmost publishing house in India. This is the most professional publishing company along with its variety of books in different sections like business, lifestyle, history, travel, religion, philosophy, biography, cookery, health & fitness, politics, visual books and children’s books, leisure and sports. Their due popularity and customer preference made them launch an application for smartphone users called “Penguin App”.

  • Hachette India Publishers

Hachette Publishers is a big foreign publishing House in India. Hachette publishes many fictions, non-fiction and children series which considered as bestsellers. A list of famous national and international authors are connected with this publishing house.

  • Harper Collins Publishers

India Harper Collins is world’s second largest publishing house. It spread over 18 countries including India. It is a renowned name in this industry. Harper Collins has a strong arm in India. They publish books in several segments such as Autobiography, Business, Biography, Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Film & Music, Graphic Novel, History, Romance, Self-help, Hindi, Poetry, Politics, Sport, and Travel.


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