publishing houses in France

Top Publishing Houses in France – Updated 2021

France is dominant when it comes to the stylistic patterns engraved in rich culture and traditions of art. The French language itself is considered as a tradition in the France. A good amount of people all over the world believe in the supremacy of French literature and call themselves a die-heart fan of the French […]

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Publishing Houses in India

Top Publishing Houses in India – Updated 2021

In India, the publishing sector is greatly influenced by the international publishing companies due to their worldwide presence. Many medium and small publishing houses are working in the Indian marketing with having specialization in a particular area.

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Companies in Turkey

Top Publishing Groups and Companies in Turkey

Along with Brazil and Poland, Turkey is considered one of the “golden boy” developing publishing markets in the world. The evolution of Turkish media is evident to the world and similar progress is being made in the Turkish publishing market.

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