10 Types of Scientific Papers Which are not Research Papers

types of scientific papers

10 Types of Scientific Papers Which are not Research Papers

There is a common misconception that to publish a scientific paper, a person should have done some kind of lab work but in fact there is a several Types of Scientific Papers which do not require any kind of research work.

Almost all young researchers are well aware about Research papers because when they join university, publishing research paper have always been their top target while completing the diploma, but not all succeeded to publish a research paper due to several reasons.

Let’s understand different kinds of scientific papers are and what are their types, so that everyone can publish not only one scientific paper but tens of scientific papers with hundreds of international citations.

Following are 10 famous known Types of Scientific Papers …

  1. Hypothesis or Scientific Ideas
  2. Scientific Opinions
  3. Scientific Perspectives
  4. Scientific Letters
  5. Technology Development Reports (TDRs)
  6. Meeting/Organizational Reports
  7. Reviews/Mini-reviews/Commentaries
  8. Statistical/Epidemiological Reports
  9. Clinical/Technological Case Reports
  10. Policy Development or Implementation Reports


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