studying in Canada

Why should students prefer studying in Canada?

There are a numerous countries all over the world which are known for their quality education and a promising lifestyle to learn and explore within as a student. One such country which is considered as a hub for international students to move in and pursue a degree is Canada.

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International Students in community development

Role of International Students in Community Development

The world becomes a global hub when international students from all over the globe travel to the foreign land with an aim to exchange educational and academic excellence and to promote their diverse cultural backgrounds. After tourism, the exchange of students through scholarships and global exchange programs play a major role in the development of […]

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top Women of America

Top 5 Influential Women of America Who Worked for Education

America is renowned for its democratic leadership, quality life standard, and a tour destination which is being developed by Men and Women of America to create a distinction in global education system. Along with being one of the world’s super power, America also tops the world’s ranking when it comes to education.

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Academic Achievements of Turkey in the year 2020

Turkey is known as for its education, business, and tourism opportunities. Turkey has a sound education system which provide quality and low cost education to its residents and even international students who come over for higher studies. Turkey has seen a remarkable progress in its education sector in the year 2020. Let us have a […]

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Top Academic Achievements of Pakistan over the Last Decade

The last decade had been a remarkable one for Pakistan when it comes to academic achievements and accomplishments met by the country’s leadership, and youth. Both have collaborated effortlessly for the betterment of academic record in the country, and have set some inspiring examples. Read ahead to know about top academic achievements of Pakistan over […]

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Top Peer-reviewed Business and Management journals

Journal writing has grabbed the trend within no time. After academic and scientific journals made their way to the market and influenced the writing techniques. Business and Management journals also came into the limelight and made an impactful presence. 

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Tips to Improve your Academic Writing Skills

Academic writing as a skill is considered an engaging addition in your skillset. The demand of academic writers has gradually increased in the previous years, and for being categorized as one, you should be skilled and known to the techniques and rules needed for academic writing.

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Academic and Scientific Journals: Definition and Review

The art of journaling is a trending one with different types making their way to the limelight each day. From a list of diverse types of journals, two prominent ones are academic journals and scientific journals. They made their way to the trend of journaling and since then, we see them ruling the charts. Here […]

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