Science Inside the lab or Outside the lab

outside the lab

Science Inside the lab or Outside the lab

Science has been developed in the form of testable conclusions, theories or laws from experimental studies done inside the lab or conclusions drawn outside the lab.

Science has been defined as the research mechanism or process of generating and managing the knowledge in the form of testable conclusions, theories or laws.

The way, scientists conducting their research using equipment/lab apparatus to generate the knowledge is called Science inside the lab whereas generating knowledge using public opinions, studying cases, conclusion of an analytic or technical reports etc called science outside the lab.

  • Science Inside the Lab: Science inside the lab is most common way of science in our surroundings where scientists are working using some Equipment /apparatus or materials to generate knowledge in the form of testable conclusions, theories or laws. The science labs could be either wet labs or dry labs. The concept of dry labs is a novel concept of using informatics approaches and data analytical approaches to generate a strong knowledge.
  • Science Outside the Lab: Science outside the lab is aimed to explore the relationships of science, innovation, policy, and societal outcomes before it is being store or applied in society. Ethics in science and scientific policies are famous sections of science outside the lab. Science outside the lab is significant for decision-making in government and business at the local, state, federal, and international levels to keep the flow of funding and public trust smoothly.

Since the ancient times, trust of science has divided the world into two groups, in favour or against the science creating barriers in the development of science. The recent example is the resistance to covid19 vaccine administration and creating an ecosystem where people are dying.

So, it’s time to focus more on the science outside the lab to create interactions and public engagement so that the scientific budget and public trust could be increased to stop any catastrophe in near future.

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