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Companies in Turkey

Top Publishing Groups and Companies in Turkey

Along with Brazil and Poland, Turkey is considered one of the “golden boy” developing publishing markets in the world. The evolution of Turkish media is evident to the world and similar progress is being made in the Turkish publishing market.

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Writing case reports

Writing Case Reports (Clinical/Technological/Academic/Organizational etc): The Critiques for Comparative Studies

Case reports are critical analysis of facts on a specific topic featuring a distinguished behavior, achievement, development or innovation related to a disease, academic institute, technological group or an organization, respectively. These reports could be Clinical Case Reports, Technological Case Reports, Institutional or organizational case reports.

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Recommendations on Iron Intake or Iron Supplementation for Women

Iron is a vital mineral necessary to sustain life as formation of red blood cells and transportation of oxygen both dependent on the availability of iron. Lack in daily iron supplementation or intake can cause the anemia leading to death. As per WHO, it has been reported that daily iron supplementation can reduce the risk […]

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